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Applicability: The HCS Difference

Hummel Consultation Services is a full service Medicare Compliance legal consultation firm, specializing in the interpretation and application of the federal Medicare Secondary Payor Act.

HCS includes as its many clients state and national insurance companies, self-employed businesses, Fortune-500 companies, universities, state guarantee funds, risk management departments on a state and municipal level, and both prominent and local law firms. HCS applies its knowledge and expertise to a wide variety of industries directly subject to the provisions of the MSP Act, and has direct experience with the following types of claims:

State Workers’ Compensation

HCS has consulted on thousands of claims encompassing all state jurisdictions where future medical settlements are permitted under law. Our firm has particular experience not only with common workplace injuries but also catastrophic events such as coal mine accidents, major industrial incidents, and 9/11 terrorist claims.

Liability and No-Fault Claims

HCS has been retained for Medicare consultation on many different types of liability and no-fault claims, including personal injury, automobile accidents, toxic torts, chemical and asbestos exposure, negligence, and medical malpractice.

The Longshoremen and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

Injury claims from employees of docks, barges, and oil rigs comprise a sample of the various Longshoremen claims addressed by HCS.

The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act

Similar to state workers’ compensation claims, HCS can consult on Medicare compliance issues resulting from injury claims arising from federal employees.

The Jones’ Act

HCS experience with the Jones’ Act includes negligence claims filed by seamen employed upon barges and vessels arising from multiple jurisdictions throughout the gulf coast states and Puerto Rico.

Hummel Consultation Services was founded upon two principles: providing complete and reliable Medicare Compliance solutions, and offering a new level of customer service available nowhere else in the industry.

Superior Customer Service

As part of our ongoing goal to meet your individual needs, we will always promise:

Instant Answers: When you call or e-mail anyone in our firm, you will always receive a fast and courteous reply. As a rule, all messages are returned in less than 24 hours.

Primary Contacts: All files are assigned to one specific attorney, who remains your single point of contact throughout the life of the file. You will never need to hunt through confusing phone mazes to locate your contact.

Call Anybody: The entire staff of our firm, regardless of their position, is trained to handle any issues you may have. If you’re not sure who to contact, then contact anybody. You will always obtain friendly assistance.

Knowledge and Experience

HCS assigns only in-house licensed attorneys to case analyses, providing you with not only completely competent legal advice on your claims, but the assurances that our professionalism and ethics are mandated by the American Bar Association. HCS has been providing complete Medicare Compliance solutions for seventeen years, and our founding attorney, Christine Hummel, has been involved in this industry for almost twenty years, making her one of the most experienced Medicare Compliance attorneys in the entire country.

Arbitration Elimination

On every referral, all of our calculations and recommendations are clearly explained and completely supported by the medical and legal record. HCS never invents its own medical conclusions nor do we manipulate the data to obtain a deceptively under-funded Set-Aside allocation. HCS believes that the most important aspect of every referral is the complete legal insulation of all parties to the settlement from future intervention by the federal government.

Flexible Pricing

Our fee schedule is designed to ensure you only pay for what you need, with simple, one-time only flat pricing. To further accommodate the needs of our clients, we also offer a convenient hourly basis for any referral. However, we are aware that fixed fee schedules are not always ideal for every client, thus we are completely willing to negotiate different fee schedules to meet our clients’ diverse fiscal needs. High volume discounts are available for clients wishing to pursue long-term engagements with our firm.


Federal law is constantly changing. HCS, through its legal expertise, stays abreast of these changes and provides not only interpretations of the new regulations but how they may directly impact our individual clients. Our attorneys have performed countless numbers of industry training sessions, compliance presentations, and continuing legal education seminars, and is always happy to provide educational services at no charge.

Scalability and Security

HCS can process as many referrals as our clients are willing to send without negatively impacting turn-around times. HCS has consistently maintained some of the fastest turn-around times in the Medicare Compliance industry, and we are willing to complete an analysis with any deadline set by our clients, even overnight. HCS servers and database systems are completely secure and upgraded with the latest security technologies, and paper files are completely compliant with all privacy laws. HCS clients can feel confident that their data is protected.

Joseph Hummel
Vice President of Operations