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Hummel Consultation Services offers multiple pricing structures to fit your individual needs. All of our rates are completely negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

Individual Flat Rate Pricing:

This convenient structure offered by HCS allows you complete control over cost, yet ensures the same level of quality and customer service that HCS has always emphasized. With industry-leading turn-around times and fixed flat rates, you can proceed with settlements with greater speed and economic assurance.

All prices listed are flat fees applicable while a referral is in an open status, with the exception of the Hourly Rates as indicated. Some processes and their appropriate fees may be duplicated while a referral is in an open status with HCS, depending upon the specific circumstances of the referral and as HCS deems necessary. Not all referrals will require all of these processes. HCS will perform only those processes determined by HCS as necessary to the fulfillment of our engagement or as requested to do so by the parties involved in the claim.

$1,500.00 Medicare Set-Aside Analysis

HCS includes all of the following processes:

  •     Comprehensive Review of Legal and Medical Documents
  •     Life Care Plan Analyses
  •     Calculation of the Medicare Set-Aside
  •     Customized Opinion Letter
  •     Settlement Language Drafting
  •     Settlement Consultation
  •     Rated Age Determinations, when requested
  •     Obtaining of Structure Quotes, when needed
  •     Final Settlement Assistance
  •     Unlimited Telephone and E-Mail Accessibility

$575.00 Revisions to the Medicare Set-Aside Analysis

A revision to an MSA determination greater than two years old shall be invoiced as a new MSA Analysis at the flat rate of $1,500.00. Revisions include all processes as per an MSA Analysis.

$0.00 Free Revisions to the Medicare Set-Aside Analysis for Rated Age Determination Only

$500.00 Rush Requests

Rush requests are given priority assignment over all other pending referrals, regardless of the client. Rush requests may be applied to any process, including the hourly rate.

$650.00 Medicare Set-Aside Proposal for CMS Evaluation

Includes the preparation and delivery of the proposal to CMS, transmission of additional materials after proposal submission, fulfillment of CMS additional data requests, delivery and interpretation of the CMS determination to the client, and the drafting and submission of any requested appeals by the client.

$900.00 Zero-Dollar Medicare Set-Aside Proposal for CMS Evaluation

A proposal of a zero-dollar Medicare Set-Aside allocation to CMS for their review, where no Medicare Set-Aside analysis was requested. This is an especially relevant process for Section 20 settlements in the state of New Jersey.

$400.00 Medicare Part A / B Conditional Payment Lien Research

$400.00 Medicare Part C Conditional Payment Lien Research

$400.00 Medicare Part D Conditional Payment Lien Research

Lien research is invoiced per individual lien recovery file. Includes all steps for final lien resolution. Please inquire for pricing beyond second-level appeals.

$700.00 Settlement Advisory or MSA Necessity Letters

HCS will provide professional consultation regarding Medicare Compliance upon your settlement or the necessity for a Medicare Set-Aside analysis. These letters do not include Medicare Set-Aside analyses.

$600.00 Critique of Medicare Set-Aside Analyses By Other Parties

HCS will provide a professional review and analysis of MSA determinations created by different organizations. Our critique includes recommendations for protecting your interests and legal considerations.

Hourly Rates:

$225.00/hour Hourly Rate

For clients who prefer an hourly invoicing basis, HCS is pleased to offer this option. The hourly rate applies to any work, process or communications determined by HCS as necessary to the fulfillment of our engagement, but is otherwise outside the scope of a designated flat fee process, or for any flat fee process that is cancelled upon client request for which work by HCS was already undertaken. (Custodial Agreements are invoiced separately, see below.) Billable hours are measured for every 1/10th of an hour.

$225.00/hour General Question Accounts

Although HCS does not charge for initial consultations or ongoing communications, many of our clients prefer to have open accounts with our firm for issues not related to specific claimants or cases. For these instances we offer a General Question Account, whereby we will provide answers to Medicare Compliance questions on an ongoing and as-needed basis by the client. Includes telephone calls, facsimiles, electronic mail, and standard mail. Billable hours are measured for every 1/10th of an hour.

$325.00/hour Deposition, Hearing or Expert Witness Testimony

The hourly rate applies to preparation time by HCS and actual testimony time. Any required travel associated with the testimony shall be invoiced per the Referral-Related Travel rates as indicated below. Billable hours are measured for every 1/10th of an hour.

Custodial Agreements:

HCS offers complete Professional Administration Custodial Agreements as an additional service for our customers. The charge for this service is a one-time only flat fee which includes all steps necessary to completely execute the Agreement, including, but not limited to, custom drafting, revisions, forwarding of the documents to required parties, and implementation of the Agreement. The fee for this service is $500.00, and is billed as a separate item, regardless of any billing structure utilized.

Additional Services:

Rated Age and/or Structure Quote Procurement: HCS utilizes preferred Structured Settlement companies unless otherwise requested by the client.

Initial Consultations: HCS only invoices referrals upon which our firm has been formally engaged by a referring client. Initial consultations, and calls related to a referral prior to an engagement are always free. HCS offers as much time and assistance as is required prior to any engagement.

Referral-Related Travel: Clients will be invoiced for travel-related expenses if such travel is deemed necessary by any party to a referral as part of our formal engagement on a specific referral and is outside of the New Hampshire Seacoast region.

Training Sessions, Continuing Legal Education, Seminars, Speaking Engagements:

HCS is more than happy to provide training sessions and seminars at no charge, regardless of the number of recipients. Furthermore, HCS can supply educational and instructional materials regarding Medicare compliance issues at no cost to the requester. Please contact Christine for more information regarding our excellent Medicare compliance training programs and materials.

Alternative Fee Schedules:

HCS is aware that fixed pricing is not necessarily preferred by our customers. We are thus happy to consider alternative fee arrangements on a per-referral or per-client basis. We request that any alternative fee schedules be negotiated prior to any formal engagement on a specific referral, or prior to on-going engagements for a specific client. Please contact Joseph Hummel to discuss alternative fee schedules: 603-758-1410 x2 or email at