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Submitting New Referrals:

The following link provides information regarding the submission of a new referral to our firm:

New Referral Guide

Materials checklist for a Zero-Dollar CMS Proposal (Workers' Compensation):

HCS Zero-Dollar Checklist .pdf (56Kb)

Documents and Forms:

HCS Claim Submission Form, .pdf (140Kb)
Can be used for both Workers' Compensation and Third Party Liability referrals.

HCS Release for CMS Submission .pdf (28Kb)
Release for CMS Submissions only. For Lien Searches, use the HCS Release for Lien Search.

HCS Lien Search Pack, .pdf (194Kb)
Contains the Lien Search Request Form, the Proof of Representation Letter, and a Lien Search Release in one easy to use file!

HCS Proof of Representation Letter Only
.pdf (106Kb) Required document for Lien Searches only.

HCS Release for Lien Search Only
.pdf (108Kb) Release for Lien Searches only. For CMS Submissions, use the HCS Release for CMS Submission.

CRC Letter of Authority
.pdf (448Kb) Authorization for HCS to access Work Comp and No-Fault Lien Searches with the CRC.

HCS Fee Schedule, .pdf (52Kb)

Informational Resources:

The following links provide a federal perspective on the application of the Medicare compliance industry:

Medicare for Professionals

Medicare for Claimants

Social Security Administration

CMS Memorandums

Service Resources:

The following companies provide MSA support services to assist you with your settlement needs:

Structure Brokers:

Structured Financial Associates
Ringler Associates

Professional Administrators:

Medi-Bill, Inc.