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Total Compliance Solutions by Hummel Consultation Services

Thank you for considering Hummel Consultation Services as your choice for your Medicare compliance vendor. As specialists in all applications of the Medicare Secondary Payor Act, HCS has the training and experience to ensure complete compliance with federal law, at a level of efficiency and customer service that exceeds all other firms at very competitive prices.

HCS is a legal consultation firm focused on the specialty of Medicare Compliance: interpretation and application of all aspects of the federal MSP Act as it relates to numerous industries. HCS has significant experience with Medicare Compliance associated with workers’ compensation claims on a state level, as well as federal Longshoremen and Harbor Workers’ claims, liability issues such as medical malpractice, auto accident, exposure, and negligence claims against tort-feasors. We are actively developing working applications of Medicare Compliance through claims arising from Jones Act litigation. HCS accepts referrals from a diverse group of referrers, including attorneys, insurance carriers, brokers, third-party administrators, and self-insured companies.

The recommendations presented by HCS are detailed yet concise, outlining the legal requirements of the Medicare program, the medical history of the claim, and our proposals of the funding, structuring, and administration of the Medicare Set-Aside. Whereas most vendors simply use hard to read life care plans as pseudo-MSA reports, HCS drafts original documents specifically tailored for each client’s individual requirements, designed with legal considerations, and to be easily read and understood. The legal basis of our firm allows us the ability to include Medicare-compliance language for settlement contracts, specifically drafted for each individual case, to conduct reviews of settlement contracts to ensure full federal compliance, and to provide legal counseling on the particulars of each claim.

HCS enjoys an extremely high first-time acceptance rate with CMS, and we utilize our legal expertise of the Medicare program to effectively appeal any counter-proposals. HCS will furthermore perform all steps necessary to determine the presence of any Medicare lien, and provide complete assistance to our clients to derive and resolve a fair lien as quickly as possible.

Our firm is a leading proponent of the “zero-dollar MSA,” a settlement arrangement whereby no Medicare Set-Aside is actually allocated. Our comprehensive knowledge of the legal applications of the Medicare program allows us a unique position in the Medicare Compliance industry to strongly advocate for our clients’ requests for zero-dollar MSAs, a position which non-legal based vendors have difficulty substantiating.

HCS drafts Custodial Agreements for those Set-Aside allocations where professional administration is requested. The Custodial Agreements drafted by our attorneys are specific for each individual referral, and take into consideration the unique aspects of the state or federal jurisdiction of the claim. The ability of our attorneys to work closely with the counselors of all sides, as well as the judiciary system, allows us to produce agreements quickly and efficiently, saving considerable time and expense when claims are ready to settle.

HCS seeks to provide the most efficient and lowest cost Medicare-compliance services available. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service among any MSA vendor in the nation: each referral is assigned to a specific attorney, providing single-point contacts for our customers, and we are more than happy to take as much time as our clients request to answer their questions. Our associations with the leading brokerage firms allows us to offer additional settlement services to our customers, including assistance with annuity purchases and obtaining rated ages for claimants. Our fees are designed for simplicity, tailored for the specific needs of our clients, and we are more than happy to discuss different schedules to fit our clients’ individual needs. HCS always provides comprehensive training sessions, compliance presentations, and continuing legal education seminars at no charge.

Joseph Hummel
Vice President of Operations